Saimas Spinnery, based in Puumala, by lake Saimaa, is the start of a new era for the Finnish spinning industry. Our comprehensive know-how, experience of the international knitting field, plus the state-of-the-art technologies we use, will take the production of Finnish woollen yarns to another level.
Our scouring line uses an innovative technology created by one of our founders, Sanski Matikainen, and generates an important added value. Saimas Spinnery can scour not only sheep wool but also alpaca and mohair. All our processes are sustainable, environmentally sound and animal-friendly.
Our goal is that the end consumer always knows the origin of the yarn they use, and where the yarn was scoured and spun.

Carbon Neutral Textile Industry 2035 commitment

Finnsheep wool

Saimas Spinnery