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About us

The founding trio of Saimas Spinnery has unrivalled experience with wool, yarn and sheep.

Sanski Matikainen
Sanski Matikainen, Managing Director of Saimas Spinnery, is an experienced spinner and yarn dyer, and a
specialist in animal fibres. An entrepreneur enchanted by wool, she is familiar with sheep, alpaca and Angora
rabbits and at her home in Puumala, she has a small flock of Angora goats, producers of mohair. One of our most
important guidelines from the beginning has been the ethical treatment of animals and investment in animal
welfare. A healthy animal produces a highquality fibre, she says.
For longtime spinners, Saimas Spinnery will enable their next step: a further development of professional skills.
Sanski hopes Saimas Spinnery will be known for its innovation and future vision of yarn, all based on strong

Titityy, Tiina Huhtaniemi
The second owner of Saimas Spinnery is Titityy Yarn Shop, located in Jyväskylä. Titityy celebrates its 15th
anniversary this year. It is the #1 Finnish yarn shop, and is also considered one of the best worldwide.
Tiina Huhtaniemi, owner of Titityy, knows what makes a good yarn: she understands her target group and listens
carefully to knitters. Her experience and bold innovativeness contribute strongly to Saimas Spinnery’s activities.
Tukuwool yarn, owned by Titityy, will now have a mill of its own, which ensures the global availability of this yarn
in the future.

Suvi Heinola
The third owner of Saimas Spinnery is Suvi Heinola, a veterinarian and founder of AlmaVet. Her passion is
handicrafts, and she also owns a few sheep.
I am fascinated by the entire path of wool: from sheep to yarn, and finally, to a piece of clothing. Animal welfare
and health, ethical treatment of animals and sustainable animal husbandry are dear to my heart, and my expertise
in these areas brings important perspectives to the activities of Saimas Spinnery,she explains.

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