4. March 2022 | sanski

Carbon Neutral Textile Industry 2035 commitment

We are one the new companies in Finland that have made a commitment to the Carbon Neutral Textile Industry 2035

A total of 20 textile and fashion companies have already joined the Finnish Textile & Fashion AssosiationĀ“s Carbon Neutral Textile 2035 commitment. Among them are veterans,Ā  who have been in the industry for so long, as small entrepreneut-drive desing brands and startups, like us. Cammon to all companies, that have joined the commitment, is a desire to work actively for a cleaner future.

The commitment meets our values and we have taken a lot of steps since the company was founded to take account of reducing emissions. Surely there is still a lot to be done and I believe that through the commitment we will get good tips and tools for this. In addition, we can concretely calculate the carbon footprint and communicate our values to customers as well.


Unfortunately, the article on our commitment is only in Finnish


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