27. February 2022 | sanski

Finnsheep wool

The Finnsheep is a short-tailed Nordic sheep breed. Its wool is silky and shiny. Finnsheep fleece has two layers, the top hair and the bottom wool. This is because the sheep has two types of hair follicles that develop during the fetal period. Staple lenght is usually 7,5-15 cm (3-6 inches) yielding 7,5-10cm (3-4 inches). Finnsheep are normally sheared twice a year. The fiber is medium fine. Fibre diameter is normally 24-31 microns. The locks of wool are loose and easily separated. Natural colours are white, black and gray plus different shades of brown. Gray is the rarest of the colors. Finnsheep wool is extremely versatile. It is a natural choice for sweaters, mittens, beanies or scarfs.

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Finnsheep wool

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