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Saimas Spinnery

Saimas Spinnery provides a muchneeded production capacity in the Finnish spinning industry. We began the
preparations for the mill several months ago, and the machinery will arrive in Spring 2022. After that, we will begin
operating at our base in Puumala, by lake Saimaa, and by early next year we will start recruiting our first
collaborators. Our spinning line uses the newest technologies available, and will spin all staple fibres synthetic
ones included but not yet plantbased fibres.

Saimas Spinnery has been brought to life by three experts in the wool trade: Sanski Matikainen, Managing Director,
a spinner and yarn dyer; Tiina Huhtaniemi, a Finnish pioneer of international yarn trade and owner of Titityy Yarn
Shop; and Suvi Heinola, a veterinarian and sheepowner.

A scouring line for wool, alpaca and mohair will be an inbuilt part of the spinnery. During the production process,
lanolin and lanolinfree fibres are kept separate.

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Saimas Spinnery